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painting,performance,1100cm x 250cm, 2019 /绘画,行为,1100cmx250cm,2019

This space drawing is an action-based creation. I confined myself in a room for about twenty days to complete it.

My intention was to restore the room that has been limited and protected me. This work also aims to apply Carl Gustav Jung's psychological healing treatment by expressive art mentioned in the Red Book. In this room, I released the emotions, memories, and illusions that have long plagued me through painting, and finally use a roller with white paint to cover the paintings created on the wall.

By doing this, I want to show my interpretation of the "reconciliation" in Buddhism as a kind of "clearing" and use the whole process to respond and think about the question, "What is healing”

这一空间绘画作品是以行为为基础的(action- based)。我将自己禁闭在一个房间内约二十天将 其完成。 我的创作初衷是还原心中那个一直束缚着同时保 护自己的房间。

为了回应荣格在《红书》中提到的表达性艺术心理疗愈方法,我将长期困扰我的 情感、回忆、幻象通过绘画释放在这个空间内, 并最终选择用滚筒将带有图像的墙面刷白。