oil painting on canvas, 60x90cmx3, 2023/油画,亚麻布,60x90cmx3,2023

This triptych was inspired by the story of the Furies in ancient Greek mythology. The Furies were the goddesses of revenge in Greek myth. These three female divinities were named Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera. As a combination of Earth's Mother Gaia and the blood of Uranus, furies have the power of evil, curse, madness, and hysteria. I tried to use these three girl goddesses as prototypes, combining mechanical and inorganic bodies, imagining them as "Sailor Moon" who appeared at the moment of judgment, and presented beautiful battle events on the canvas. This work aims to reinterpret the possible incarnations of these three goddesses in the cyborg era and multiverse.

这幅三联画的灵感来自古希腊神话中复仇三女神的故事。 Furies是希腊神话中的复仇女神。 这三位女神分别被命名为阿勒克托、提西福涅和墨伽拉。 作为大地之母盖亚和天王星之血的结合体,Furies拥有邪恶、诅咒、疯狂和歇斯底里的力量。 我尝试以这三位少女女神为原型,将机械体和无机体结合起来,将她们想象成审判时刻出现的“美少女战士”,将其战斗事件呈现在画布上。 这一作品旨在重新诠释这三位女神在半机械人时代和多元宇宙中可能的化身。

Exhibition View at ‘Ties That Cannot Be Unbound’,New Art,City