Yilin Zhang

MA Contemporary Ar Practice-Public Sphere, Royal College of Art

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2020-2023 Royal College of Art   MA Contemporary Art Practice-Public Sphere

2016-2020 China Academy of Art   BA Printmaking(Painting)                                        

Exhibition & Residency

“Reasons to Paint” The 5th Inter-Youth International Painting Exhibition, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, 2023

Cyclic Structure, 1933 Old Millfun, Shanghai, 2023

Transcending Boundaries, Pearlona Common Room, M50, Shanghai 2023                                                     

Beyond Surface, CAP Festival, Royal College of Art, Tate Modern, 2023

Ties That Cannot Be Unbound, New Art City, 2023

Dwelling on the Cloud,Ugly Duck, London, 2022

Sleepless Elysium,Venice Arsenale, Venice , 2022

VOLATILE MILIEU:Collective Healing, The Crypt Gallery, London, 2022

1st Hyper Youth Award Artist Exhibition,Xixi, Hangzhou, 2022

“Go Back” NFT work issuance, NFT China x Xixi, Online, 2022

“Song of the Wanderers ”Exhibition, Home Gallery, Hangzhou, 2021

Aranya Theater Festival,aranya, Qinhuangdao, 2021

Coffer Romance, Dong, Wuhan , 2021

Adidas Original SUSTAN Old Clothes Reconstruction Exhibition, TX Huaihai, Shanghai, 2021

Royal College of Art 2021 Wip Show, Royal College of Art , Online ,2021

6th China Young Print Artist Exhibition, Guanlan Printmaking Museum, Shenzhen, 2021

FutureLab Art&Design Future Education Expo,WestBund Art Museum,Shanghai, 2020

“Live Together” China Academy of Art Graduation Exhibition,China Academy of Art, 2020

International Guanlan Printmaking Biennale Shortlisted , 2019

Cement Park Live Art Festival, Moving Mind Museum , Shanghai, 2019

Green Park Art Fair, Gaobei Sixteen Creative Park, Shenzhen, 2019

Awards & Honors              

Distinction CHS Dissertation, Royal College of Art, 2022

1st Hyper Youth Award(top10), MartinGoya Business,Imagination Lab,Xixi, 2021

Chinese Government Scholarship of Studying Abroad, Chinese Scholarship Council , 2020

Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Education Bureau, 2020

Lin Fengmian Creation Scholarship Silver Award, China Academy of Art, 2020

Xiapeng Scholarship, China Academy of Art , 2020

Distinction Graduation Dissertation, China Academy of Art , 2020

National Scholarship,China Education Bureau , 2019