Adutirory Anthropometry/听觉人体测量

performance, document dimensions variable, 2019/ 行为,档案,尺寸可变,2019

The person who is familiar or unfamiliar with me will complete a “diagnosis” of my body. The stethoscope serves as a "fiber" that connects my body to the consciousness of others. My body, a stethoscope, and a diagnostic report are displayed as an item to the audience, and the audience chooses how to perform this auditory measurement.

I tried to reproduce the process from “listening” to “diagnosing” in my medical experience and eventually returned to the diagnostic report completed by the audience. Again, observe how evidence-based prints will describe me.

将成为医生的权力交由我身边熟 悉或陌生的人,由他们完成一次对我身体的 “诊断”。听诊器作为连接我身体与他人意识的 “纤维”。将记录着描述的病号 服作为“证据”,一次无可证无可驳的由听觉主导的身体测量行为。当下的我与“ta”靠医学仪器与 听觉连接着,我试图在身体上去 再现从“倾听”到“确诊”的这 一过程。

Exhbition View of ‘Cement Park Live Art Festival, Moving Mind Museum,Shanghai