Chiron's Room/凯龙的房间

installation,video,dimensions variable, 2022/装置,影像,尺寸可变,2022 

This virtual space is an isolation room related to a therapeutic situation, and when viewers enter the room and learn about the recovery system by watching TV from the program, they will be given an instruction manual.

There are 12 diaries in the room, each corresponding to a theme (self, finances, communication, family, romance, health, relationships, death, faith, career, purpose, secrets). After watching a TV show on TV, viewers can leave any words, pictures, emotions, memories, etc. in the book that they think are related to it. 

This place seeks to communicate personal experiences by creating private and intimate environments in the public realm and observe how private experiences constitute collective experiences.

这一虚拟空间是与治疗情境有关的隔 离室,当观众进入房间并通过观看电视节目中的电视来了解康复系统时,他们将获得一份指导手册。

房间里有十二本日记,每本日记都对应一个主题(自我,财务,沟通,家庭,浪漫,健康,人际关系,死亡, 信仰,职业,目的,秘密)。

在电视上观看了TV show后,观看者可以在书中留下他们认为与之相关 的任何词语,图片,情感,回忆等。 这个地方试图通过在公共领域建立私 人和亲密的环境来交流个人经验,并 观察私人经验如何构成集体经验。

Exhibition View at the Top 10 Group Exhibition of the 1st Hyper Youth Award, XiXi, Hangzhou