painting, drawing, installation 2023/油画,绘画,装置, 150cm x 120cm, 120cm x 100cm, 180cm x 120cm, 2023 


Enchanted "means enchanted, fascinated. It describes an unpredictable ghostly power, such as supernatural forces attached to mechanical bodies. This series of works is inspired by Gothic novels, science fiction, and religious myths that emerged after the Industrial Revolution, with a particular focus on how seemingly terrifying images (such as Dr. Frankenstein's monster, Judgment Day's angel, Lilith, etc.) reflect our fear of rapidly developing industrial civilization.As a combination of darkness, mystery, and holiness, Gothic utilizes supernatural events to capture the hysterical power and terror triggered by technology. Like Dr. Frankenstein's monster, it is a metaphor for the capitalist production process, formed through deformation, and civilized through barbarism. I use painting, sketching, and immersive installations as my method of achieving 'Frankenstein Regeneration', creating a dystopian environment and reshaping perceptions that transcend communication.