A Clinic for LGBT Conversion Therapy 

installation,dimensions variable, 2019/装置,尺寸可变,2019 

The project was inspired by the conversion therapy for LGBT in China. When we discussed "abnormality," we need to think about the real meaning of "normal" in a social context.

 To reflect their situation, I tried to show the treatment details and methods for this non-existed disease. I even tried to reproduce the clinic environment. It was a temporary virtual space with the settings that copied from the reality to stimulate a real clinic for reversal treatment. I placed it on the streets of Shanghai and looked forward to the public's effect.


我试图通过将治疗不存在的疾病这一过程具体且方法论化, 来反应今天存在在性少数群体内的的某种现实。最终我在上 海街头还原了一个可以对LGBT群体进行扭转治疗的诊所, 并虚构了其中使用到的的治疗方法与文本。这是一个临时的可移动空间,一个虚拟但提取自真实的场域。