painting,performance,220cm x 170cm x 2, 2020/ 综合绘画,行为,220cmx170cmx2,2020

This series of paintings follows the principle of contingency in the art of contingency, that is, the creative process does not presuppose the result, and the painting process is like a marathon.

In the creative process, I try to capture the conflict and borderline pain within the body, and release these subjective experiences on the canvas. By presenting images of the painting process, I hope to prompt the audience to look at different positions and ways of viewing, and what is presented on the canvas is an event rather than a picture. Emphasize that the act of painting is the result of painting itself.

As Bataille said, "self" is not a subject isolated from the world, but a place of communication, where subject and object blend. With the help of the exhibition, personal events can be transitioned to public events, hoping to gain more experience of dialogue.

这一系列绘画作品遵循偶发艺术中的偶发性原则,即创作过程不预设结果, 绘画过程如同一场马拉松。在创作过程中,我试图捕捉身体内 的矛盾冲突 及边缘痛感,并将这些主体经验遗 留 释放在画布中。通过展示绘画过程影像,我希望提示观众以不同的观看位置与观看方式, 画布上所呈现的是一 次事件而非画面。强调绘 画行为即绘画结果本身。