Chiron’s Room: A Text for Virtual Therapy Situation/凯龙的房间:虚拟治疗情境

fictional writing, sound, 2022/虚构性写作,声音,2022

"Chiron's Room" is a virtual therapeutic situation based on narrative dialogue.

By referencing the symbol "Chiron" in ancient Greek mythology and astrology, I wanted to create an open consultation room for dialogue. 

The text is between reality and fiction, pointing to the true meaning of "therapy" in the postmodern context through metaphor and analysis, and thinking about how to reshape individual identity through the means of connection. The text is divided into three chapters (counseling room, temple, astrology) according to the context, and the two sides of the dialogue are mainly set as the therapist and the client. In the text, the identity of the client is enriched from the perspectives of gender, belief, race, etc.; while the role of the therapist will change with the context, including a psychotherapist who specializes in narrative therapy, a Buddhist monk, and a modern astrologer.

“凯龙的房间”是基于叙事性对话的虚拟治疗情境。 通过引用古希腊神话与占星学中的“凯龙” 这一符号,我想创造一个开放的用于对话的诊疗室。文本介于现实与虚构之间,通过隐喻与分析指向后现代语境下“治疗” 的真实含义,并借此思考如何通过联系的 手段重塑个体身份认同。 文本根据语境分为三个章节(心理咨询室、 寺庙、占星与塔罗),主要将对话双方设 定为治疗师与来访者。在文本中,来访者的身份从性别、信仰、种族等角度得以丰富;而治疗师的角色则会随着语境而产生 变化,包括主攻叙事疗法的心理咨询师, 佛教僧侣,现代占星占卜师等。