Cloud: Hysterical Fantasy and Doomsday Melancholy

fiction,drawing,sound,installation, dimensions variable,2022/小说,绘画,声音,装置,尺寸可变,2022

"Umi was sent to this clinic because of the illusions. In the room, through the metal fence, Umi saw a large and constantly wriggling Cloud outside the window. Although doctors and analysts repeatedly told Umi It was just hallucination, Umi still insists that it exists. During the treatment, the clouds Umi saw began to morph and distort. Umi began to dream and draw them. One day, the Cloud disappeared."

The work "Cloud: Hysterical Fantasy and Doomsday Melancholy" is a situational hybrid installation based on fictional writing, which consists of a short story with materials such as painting and sound. The text consists of two open parts, the first describes the record of a boy Umi receiving treatment after being diagnosed with illusion, and the other part is Umi as a doomsday world humanoid machine fighting against the runaway schizophrenic cloud in his dreamland. The text creates a therapeutic situation by blending hyper-reality, simulacrum and fantasy, into which the viewer enters through the perspective of the psychotic subject created by the artist. The work begins with the phantom-generating deformed "Cloud", trying to explore the possibility of reinventing reality through bridging and healing in an age of continuous imprisonment and violence.


作品《Cloud: Hysterical Fantasy and Doomsday Melancholy》是基于虚构文本的情境混合装置,它由一部短篇小说与绘画、音乐等材料组成。该文本由两个开放的部分组成,第一部分描述了小男孩umi在被诊断出幻象后接受治疗的记录,另一个部分是治疗过程中umi作为末日世界人型机器与暴走分裂的云战斗的梦境。


Exhbition View at ‘Dwelling on the Cloud’ Exhbition, Ugly Duck, London